Landscape Lighting


Many of our customers have discovered that landscape lighting is both practical and enjoyable and adds security to their home.

Designing your lighting system based on your ideas and our experience, we will install high quality transformers, lights and accessories to compliment your landscape, accent your home, focus attention on specialy trees, and shrubs, or light up a pathway.

Highlights the beauty of single stem and multi-stem trees as well as the branch structure and leaf arrangement.

Creates patterns of light for navigation along a sidewalk, flagstone path or a driveway.

Lights landscape bed when placed on the edge of the bed or deeper in the landscape.

When a light is placed at a 90 degree angle on the face of house, stone brick, chimney or anywhere a natural surface of masonry might be enhanced.

Here to Serve Your Landscaping Needs

Whether you are landscaping your home for the first time or renovating your old landscape, we work with you to develop a landscape plan that fits your preferences and budget.

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Landscape Lighting


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