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Welcome to Pavlin's Yard Maintenance

With a professionally installed and well-maintained irrigation system, you can end all your worries about watering and free up more of your valuable time! It will also enhance the beauty and value of your property.

Pavlin's Yard Maintenance Inc. uses quality Hunter products and parts. The key to a top-quality irrigation design is in knowing the individual parameters of your lawn.

When one of our professionals prepares an estimate for your irrigation system, they:

  • Will measure your property's dimensions
  • Will take readings of water flow and pressure
  • Will determine the point of connection
  • Will determine the proper heads, clock and valves

Maintenance Tips for Irrigation

  • Be sure to check sprinkler heads for straightness and to make sure they are working properly. Also check to make sure they are free of dirt and grass build-up around head.
  • Check sprinklers every so often to see if they are covering the desired areas you want watered. Sprinkler heads often get bumped and offset their watering direction.
  • Power loss, especially after a power outage, can cause a set program to be lost. Remember to check battery, yearly, in the control clock to ensure it is fully charged or replace if necessary.

Yearly Services:
Here at Pavlin's Yard Maintenance Inc., we offer a maintenance program which includes spring turn on service. Each head is checked for proper operation and aim. The control panel is programmed for the desired watering days and start times. In the fall, we will winterize the system.

We also offer service and repair for all major brand irrigation systems.
Pavlin's Yard Maintenance & Snow Removal